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Crawler cranes are heavy-duty transport and lifting equipment types which are needed in the construction, manufacturing, and transport industries. If your operations in Malaysia require the use of crawler cranes, one option for you is a crawler crane rental.

Premier Crane can connect you to the best crawler cranes for hire in the peninsula. Whether you need a mobile crane rental in Kuala Lumpur or another one in Seremban, we can help.

Our goal is to connect you to the right equipment model and brand, from Kobelco to Tadano, regardless of your location.

Message us at Premier Crane for your inquiries today.

Crawler Crane Reach and Other Characteristics

Thanks to their immense stability and huge lift capacities, crawler cranes are beneficial in many operations. Some of the biggest cranes can reach up to 700 feet in terms of lifting heavy materials and goods.

Depending on capacity features, a crawler crane can hoist as little as 40 tons or as heavy as 2,000 in tonnage. There are models able to lift or transport as much as 3,500 tons.

Crawler cranes, due to their bulky design and expansive build, can be difficult to move or transport. Doing so will necessitate the expertise in dismantling its many parts and transporting them in sections. This will also mean, inevitably, significant transport costs.

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Should You Go for a Crawler Crane Rental in Malaysia?

One of the best ways to counter the transport difficulty of a crawler crane — as well as its expensive purchase — is to go for a rental instead.

In fact, nowadays, you are not just limited to the hiring of crawler cranes. You can also find Skylift rentals, lorry cranes, tower crane rentals, and many others.

Two of the best reasons to go for a crawler crane rental are practical cost and convenience. With a rental, you will not be compelled to buy. You will be able to use a crawler crane for operations as long as you connect with a reliable rental company.

Your rental company is also responsible in the care/maintenance, repairs, and parts replacements of the crane. If youโ€™re worried about storage, moreover, a rental will not compel you to carve out a huge storage space for such colossal equipment. The rental company, instead, will be responsible for it.

Get Reasonable Crawler Crane Rental Rates from Premier Crane

Premier Crane understands the need for crawler cranes in the lifting and transport of goods and overall efficiency of construction and manufacturing operations.

If youโ€™re planning to rent a crawler crane in Malaysia, do it through us at Premier Crane. We have the rentals you require.

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