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Recognized worldwide as a leader in the manufacture and innovation of construction cranes, Kato is a brand that has always been synonymous with excellence, originality, and social impact. For more than a hundred years, Kato cranes have been meeting the demands of construction sites, transport businesses, and shipping companies worldwide.

ES Crane Crane in Malaysia can connect you to the right Kato crane for sale or for rent. If your work site requires Kato crawler cranes or lorry cranes specifically, we can bring them over to your area. We have an excellent selection of cranes and lifts available from other brands as well.

Need a Kato crane for sale in Malaysia or one that you can hire for a lower price? Call us at ES Crane Crane today.

Product Excellence Guarantee from Kato Cranes

The quality guarantees of Kato are among the best all over the world, and this includes cranes being sold or rented in Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia.

And regardless of the size or scope of your project, there is a Kato crane that will meet your requirements. From a 25-ton Kato crane to a 120-ton crawler crane, the load capacities of these impressive cranes are varied and flexible for a wide range of applications.
Purchasing a crane, however, is serious business. Because cranes can be too expensive or difficult to maintain for some companies, rentals are often a good alternative. ES Crane Crane strives to bring to the Malaysian market some of the latest Kato cranes and excavators.

With us, you can opt for an auger crane rental in Puchong, a mobile crane rental in Selangor, or a tower crane rental in Kuala Lumpur.

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Kato Cranes for Sale vs. Kato Cranes for Rent

If you can’t purchase a Kato crane just yet, you will be pleased to know that a rental is often a viable option.

A rental arrangement with us at ES Crane Crane will allow you to be more flexible with your operations. You can hire different types of cranes for varied projects. The rental terms can also vary depending on your project requirements.

There are also Kato cranes for sale which we can promptly assist you with. And if you require technical information, such as the Kato crane load chart or model specifications, don’t hesitate to speak to us. Our professional representatives can work with you on your queries, from getting a free quote to choosing the Kato crane model necessary for your project.

Hire a Kato Crane from Us at ES Crane Crane

It’s time you give your business or project the mammoth machinery it deserves. Kato cranes stand ready to accomplish any lifting, transport, or construction job.

If you require a mobile crane rental in Malaysia, make Kato your top choice.

Talk to us at ES Crane Crane to buy or rent the Kato construction equipment that’s best for your business. Call us for your free quote today.