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Transporting heavy equipment and machinery across distances will necessitate the right trailers. The multi axle is one type of trailer designed for heavy-duty transporting, with the ability to accommodate more than 500,000 pounds of cargo.

Premier Crane offers a wide range of multi axle trailers for sale or rent. With our multi axle trailer rental, you have the option to choose from a selection of trailers for use during a certain duration or term.

As your premier rental supplier in Malaysia, we also provide other services on cranes and forklifts. We have lorry crane rentals, low loader rentals, and Skylift rental among others.

Needing a multi axle trailer rental in Puchong or Kuala Lumpur very soon? Our crane and trailer experts can help explain the multi axle trailer specifications available with every equipment rental. Call us at Premier Crane today.

The Applications of Multi Axle Trailers across Industries

The uses of a multi axle trailer, also known as modular trailer, are several. Specifically, it is employed in:

  • Long-distance transport
    The relocation of heavy equipment and vehicles across long distances can present a serious challenge. However, multi axle trailers are built for such heavy-duty lifting, maneuvering, and transporting.
  • Transport of unusually heavy cargo
    The unique configuration of multi axle trailers allows them the best stability even while carrying heavy or oversized loads.
  • Rough-terrain navigation
    With a multi axle trailer, you need not worry with traveling across less-than-ideal road conditions. Certain types or models are built for optimal performance even through rough terrain.
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Should You Go for a Multi Axle Trailer for Sale or for Rent?

One possible downside to a multi axle trailer is that they can be difficult to manage and to maintain compared to other types of trailers. This maintenance complexity also means bigger upkeep expenses for your business.

Due to the maintenance and storage difficulty associated with the multi axle, some businesses are switching to rentals.

With a multi axle trailer rental, the huge costs related to a full acquisition can be deferred. You can rent a trailer as needed or depending on the productivity and transport requirements of your business.

Since the rental service almost always involves proper maintenance, it is the job of the rental company to keep the trailers in the best working conditions possible.

Choose Premier Crane for Your Multi Axle Trailer in Malaysia

Take advantage of the strength, stability, and efficiency of a multi axle trailer.

Premier Crane makes sure you can access some of the best units and models in various areas within Malaysia.

Get in touch with our representatives today. Talk to us to request for your free quote on a multi axle trailer rental.