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Side loaders are a worthwhile investment if youโ€™re looking at function and convenient navigation in one. Unlike the usual forklift, a side loader doesnโ€™t require space-consuming turns in order to load and unload successfully. If you operate within a tight warehouse or job site, a side loader can do its job wonderfully.

ES Crane Crane provides a selection of side loaders and side loader rentals for businesses and warehouse owners in Malaysia. Our side loader trucks are built for a wide array of uses, including our side loader reach forklift or a side loader refuse truck.

In addition to side loaders, we also carry other types of rentals such as an auger crane rental or a mobile crane rental in Rawang. Our operations extend to various areas all over Malaysia, including Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Puchong to cite a few.

The Advantages of a Side Loader Rental in Malaysia

There are several factors that make the side loader a valuable investment in any project site. Whether youโ€™re using a side loader in a remote location or in a city-located project, this equipment can handle loading and unloading with convenience and ease.

The lifting mechanism of a side loader reach truck is located on its side instead of the front. Because of the unique physical configuration of the side loader, it can navigate tight hallways and small doorways more effortlessly.

Long and elongated loads such as pipes may be handled more conveniently by side loaders. And with multidirectional models already available in the market, side-loading trucks can move in all directions more easily than before.

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Taking Care of Side Loader Repairs and Maintenance

Just like any other transport equipment, you will need to maintain and repair your side loader as needed. But maintaining it can be time-consuming and expensive, especially for a small business owner.

This is where you can benefit from a rental. With ES Crane Crane, you can rent instead of buying a side loader. The rental supplier will be responsible for the maintenance and even the storage of the equipment. Once you determine a need for a side loader, it will be delivered to your location promptly as requested.

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ES Crane Crane is your rental solution on anything related to cranes, forklifts, and transport platforms. We can provide you with the side-loading truck you need on any day.

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